Everything in life was fitting perfectly into its place. A job that I was passionate about, a caring and loving husband, and a good set of friends to hang out with often, made me feel I was one of the lucky-few for whom happiness was overflowing.

Just after my first anniversary celebration, I fell ill. As I couldn’t figure out much from the symptoms, I scheduled to meet my Gynecologist the next day. I was sitting across the table, when my Gynecologist lowered her spectacles to come into this relaxed position.  “Well…here is a good news for you”, said the Doctor, “You are going to be a mother soon”. For every married woman, this is music to the years. But I was startled, as I wasn’t really expecting the news. It took about an hour to sink in.

There is more to pregnancy than just maternity gowns and morning sickness. The first 3 months are the ‘go slow’ ones. Every woman faces different kind of challenges. I had to face severe bout of morning sickness. I literally did not eat for five months and the Delhi winters made it worse. Since the body does not show that it is carrying another being within, it is natural to be all excited and end-up making a mistakes very often. A few precautions are needed to be taken here and there to avoid any kind of complications. Your Mother can turn out be your best-friend in this phase. Trust her instincts.

Changes in diet are a must. Fast foods should be avoided as much as possible. Fresh vegetables and fruits, eggs and milk, lean meat and legumes should be included in the diet in heavy proportions. Drinking plenty of water is good. Try to have a relaxed and moderate lifestyle as keeping it too hectic can take a toll on you.  If you feel dizzy, sit down or even better lie down if you are at home or have that option at work.

It is important to watch out for cold, cough and fever or any ailments of that kind. Treat it at an early stage mostly with home remedies. Medication has to be taken under strict supervision of your doctor. Any itching sensation while urinating should also be treated early. Keep your doctor informed about any bodily changes which you are not accustomed to.

Your Doctor will advise you to get a thorough check-up done for your sugar levels and blood pressure/ thyroid/ hemoglobin/ platelet counts etc… This is routine check which every pregnant woman has to go through. You will also have to go through a couple of ultra-sound procedures in every trimester to determine the progress of fetus development.

My advice to you would be to stay happy and positive. Avoid taking unnecessary stress. It will work in your favor to have a routine in place with respect to an exercise regime, intake of small meals at frequent intervals and proper rest and sleep.

If working, take things slow. Try and manage your schedule so that you can fit in rest every hour or so. If you have a sedentary job, make it a point to go for a walk within the office premises.

At home, utilize your free time reading good stuff, listening to soothing music and doing mild breathing exercises.

These are just a few tips to take care of during pregnancy. The real war begins post-delivery. Get ample amounts of rest, especially in your last trimester. Being a parent involves making a lot of adjustments into your lifestyle.

Remember, being a parent is not just about holding a baby in your arms, it is about taking care of that baby with utmost perfection possible. That’s in fact a duty!

Enjoy the pregnancy period till it lasts. The next few days you are going to be severely sleep-deprived.

Happy Motherhood!