We often hear that beauty is skin-deep. It’s the personality of a person that matters. Internal beauty is what actually counts. All of that is true somehow. Our Indian Culture, however is more focused on external beauty rather than internal.  I would say, external appearance also matters as looking good is important especially in the professional environment. You may have no interest in being 18 again, but wouldn’t you feel nice if you begin feeling like that. The bubbling energy! The deadly metabolism! The feeling of being on top of the world!

I understand that it is not right for women to be overly concerned about their outward appearance due to the pressures of our superficial society. But, there again, it is necessary to look good for your well-being, as well as the perception of other people around you. Believe me or not, having a healthy skin and staying fit are signs of good health. How you are perceived by others is based on how you present yourself; and your outward appearance plays a big part in that.

Turning 30 is a big milestone in a woman’s life. There are added responsibilities both in the personal and professional sphere. Early 30’s bring about many unanticipated changes in the skin, body and hair. And a lot of times, we notice it late. You may notice deep wrinkles, or that first grey hair or that tiny acne on the face. Pigmentation and saggy skin may cause you a worry. Also the hair may loss the lustre and volume.

We need to begin acting on these early signs to tackle them at the core. Hormones are one of the biggest contributors to these problems. Lifestyle changes and pollution can also do long-term damage before we realise what’s happening!

In my personal case, pregnancies did more damage than anything else in changing my appearance overall. The hair, skin, body structure, all of it changed for me after becoming a mother. But, unlike some other women who resign themselves to pitying, I invested time and focus on correcting the damage and slowing down the ageing process.

I mention a few tips here to adopt and practice now for a beautiful looking appearance today and always.

Protection from direct exposure to Sun

The sun is the prime reason for causing pre-mature ageing. Both UV-A and UV-B rays contribute to a lot of skin issues including sun spots, freckles, pigmentation, sagging and wrinkles. Wearing a good sunscreen every-time you step out in the open helps. Direct exposure to mid-day sun should be avoided as much as possible.

Good skin-care regime

Having a good skin care regimen is very important. Look out for gentle cleansers which take out dirt and also keep the skin moisturised. Make sure you moisturise your skin twice in a day. Use gentle moisturisers that ensure proper hydration and are good for your skin-type.

Natural beauty care

Vitamin E, Vitamin A, Antioxidants and other nutrients are used for a time-reversing skin boost. Avocado, mango or papaya can be used with rose-water for making effective face packs. A lot of stuff straight out of kitchen can be used for preparing masks for good skin and hair. Do some research, ask your mom and grand-mom and get going!

Embrace moisture in all forms

Always remember to moisturise your neck, hands and feet too. Be regular with moisturising and never give it a miss!


Regular exercise has been proven to reduce skin ageing by up to 20%. Make sure you exercise at least 30 minutes a day for 6 days a week to get the most out of its anti-ageing benefits. Yoga, for me, worked out the best.

Drink plenty of water

Go, get up now, and re-fill that water bottle! Drink at least 2 litres of water in a day. And try to stick to this even in your hectic schedule.

Use all natural hair products

Don’t let life get in the way of nourishing and conditioning your hair. Take care of your hair and oil it at least twice a week.

Shape your eyebrows

Shape to perfection by refining the length and thickness of your natural brows. Thick eyebrows are in rage today! Apply Castor oil every night to bring in more volume.

Avoid smoking and drinking

If you haven’t quit till now, make your 30s the decade to quit.

Sleep well

Make up for your sleep debt by turning in early enough to get eight – ten hours of sleep in a day.

The tiny steps we take today can ensure that we enjoy good skin, hair and ever-lasting beauty for as long as possible. Just as we work towards enhancing our intelligence, attitude and internal beauty, we need to also embrace lifestyle changes to maintain our external appearance.

Do not ignore the signs!  Take action now!  It is never too late!