Hugs…..Snuggles…. Cuddles….! These words work wonder with my children. It brings in a sense of warmth to me as soon as I think of it. Talk about it and it brings smiles on my kids’ faces. These are important foundation of the relationship that I share with my kids.

Touching and embracing are so powerful and healing. Even when I have gone all out to hug a friend in distress I have felt myself rejuvenated after that hug. A hug is the easiest way to show our love to anyone. With kids it goes a notch above. When we think about hugging our kids, we are only setting a solid foundation for a happy, healthy and confident adult. Even after understanding this, most of us do not make use of this powerful too. The best part about hugging anyone is that it not only makes the person you are hugging feel good but also helps you release a lot of stress. Research has shown that hugging does not only help you bond better, but it also helps boost your physical, mental and emotional health.

I have been asked often if there are any limits to the time you should hug your children. Keep it to as many as you can give! – is my simple answer. When you hug someone, powerful, health-boosting and growth-inducing hormones are released which go a long way in releasing stress. In that case, why restrict it to a number! There is no such thing as too many hugs! Start with waking up your kid, and then work in a hug when he / she gets ready for school. Greet your child with a tight hug when she is back from playing. Hug your child whenever they listen to you and complete a task. There have been times when my kids have asked for a hug instead of a promised reward when they have completed a task. Isn’t that wonderful?!

My two-year old toddler is so fond of cuddling up. He runs to his elder sister and father as soon as they are back and keeps them hugged for long.

There is an endless list of possible benefits which I have experienced in my personal experiences –

  • A close hug stimulates dopamine and serotonin which instantly elevate the mood. A cranky child can be easily handled by holding close for a few minutes! I have tested and tried this so many times and this thing has never failed me.
  • A hug from close family members boosts a child’s confidence. Instead of reprimanding my kids, I always hug them for a while and then make them understand my point of view. They pay close attention to what I say after the warm gesture. Over the years, they have become confident and self-reliant.
  • A hug now and then can clearly express your love without words and make your child feel close to you. I have come to realise that in my social circle I must be the strictest and most disciplining mother yet my kids bond with me better as even in the most difficult of situations we make up by cuddling, snuggling and hugging.
  • If you snuggle with your child for a couple of minutes before they doze off, you are ensuring a good sleep for him/ her and yourself too. Therapeutic effects of warm hugs are known to one and all.

One of the best feelings…in the world is when you hug someone you love, and they hug you back even tighter. Isn’t it? If you’re angry at a loved one, hug that person. And mean it. You may not want to hug – which is all the more reason to do so. It’s hard to stay angry when someone shows they love you, and that’s precisely what happens when we hug each other. Hugging goes a long way in nurturing relationships and enabling better communication. Give it a Try……!