Have you ever got up feeling fresh and energetic, ready to take on the world? Most often when this happens, you have decided that you will take your days as it comes and are up for the challenges it will throw. On the other hand, there are days, you know the kind when everything seems to break, go wrong, and get left undone.

Most often, we do not remember those days when everything goes right. Most of us have a lot of those good and productive days, but we just aren’t keeping track of them. We tend to only remember the bad ones. It’s a natural human tendency to not count the blessings but to crib and remorse about the negativity and failures in life.

A good day in each person’s life may differ, after all we all have different expectations from our lives.

Perhaps you wake up feeling really good, ready for the long day ahead. You have time to get dressed the way you want, eat a good breakfast, spend some quality time with family and have a great day at work. You finish the big assignment or roll out your project, receive appreciation for your work, eat on time at work and hang around for a bit with your colleagues. If you run your own business, you may crack a good deal or get paid on time from your client. The evening is either relaxed one with family or a party outside with friends. On that particular day, everything goes by as planned, not a single thing to be worried about, some relaxed moments and good and timely meals. Wouldn’t you call that a good day?

Have you ever noticed people from different strata of society? And how they react to their surroundings and people they associate with? There are people, who are rich (money-wise) but they never see a good day in life. They are just too worried about superfluous and superficial things in life. They are busy strategizing, playing politics and manipulating people and situations. That way, even though they have everything that money can buy, but they hardly ever find peace of mind.

Often we also notice people who with very little, have one good day after another. They are appreciative of people and their surroundings. They just have the right attitude and mind-set. They find joys in little things of life.

Each of us is different. The definition of a good day will vary from person to person. Is a good day one in which nothing goes wrong? Can it be a day in which, even though some things go wrong, you find solutions and end up solving them? Or is it actually a relaxed day when you are actually thinking about nothing at all.

So, it’s entirely in your hands to make a day either good or bad. It could depend on the choices you make for yourself or your loved ones.

Don’t you think it is all, real simple?  Creating a good day is actually in your hands. So, what kind of days do you usually create for yourself? And if at all, you create days for yourself, what kind of day would you wish to create?

Give it a thought….. A definite thought! I am sure it is going to help you out a lot. J

I wish my day today goes as I have planned it to be. I’m going to have a great day!